قلع کش برقی تفنگی مدل: TP-100


قلع کش برقی تفنگی مدل: TP-100  دارای دکمه جهت مکش قلع داخل دستگاه و جمع شدن تکه های قلع داخل ظرف شیشه ای بالای دستگاه که بعد از پرشدن می توان آنرا خالی کرد – بهمراه پایه و متعلقات استاندارد – ساخت GOOT  ژاپن


Easy to Use

Compact design with an internal motor, pump, and temperature-control circuit built into the grip. Portable and efficient.

Powerful Vacuum

Maximum vacuum of –0.08Mpa (-600mmHg). Removes through-hole solder easily.

Variable Temperature Setting

Sensor feedback system allows temperature setting from 250-450°C.

Replaceable Cartridge Filter

Makes changing the filter easy

Powerful Vacuum

Everything from through-hole to multi-layered PCB

Ceramic Heater with Internal Sensor

A wide range for terminals, connectors and flat ICs

Zero Volt Switch Circuit

Reduces noise during heater ON/OFF

Replaceable Cartridge Filter

Makes changing the filter easy

Voltage 110–130V, 220–240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 80W (110-130V), 70–75W (220-240V)
Power Cord Length 1.5m
Temperature Setting Range 250–450˚C
Insulation Resistance  Over 100MΩ(500V DC)
Vacuum Pump System Diaphragm system
Vacuum – 0.08MPa (-600mmHg)
Heater Ceramic Heater
Standard Nozzle TP-100N-10
Accessories Cleaning pin TP-100CP-07/ Filter TP-100F
Carry case
Heat resistant pipe /Stand
Dimensions 225×170 mm
Weight 470g (w/o cord)

14,600,000 تومان