هویه ارسا مدل Ersa i-con pico



The i-CON PICO does without ESD capability but has an impact-proof
housing. The i-TOOL PICO has a heat-resistant cable and uses an
exchangeable high-performance heating element in the combined
metal/plastic housing.
The compact tool holder with silicone base and spring support for the
soldering iron has room for the dry sponge and soldering tips.


Dimensions (L x W x H)           145 x 80 x 103 mm

Voltage                  220 – 240 VAC

Rating                        80 W

Temperature range         150 – 450 °C

Connectable tools           i-TOOL PICO

Rating i-TOOL PICO            Nominal rating 80 W, max. rating 150 W

Heating time                  approx. 9 s

Antistatic version                       no

18,000,000 تومان